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Data center and virtualization are the hottest trends and buzz words in the industry today and VeeMost has a headstart on this. With extensive experience in data center build-outs, energy savings in data centers and virtualization services for servers, we can offer you the guaranteed services you need to ensure you are successful.

From a small company looking to consolidate its servers to the large enterprise looking to reduce its data center footprint, save money by being energy efficient or move to a new data center, VeeMost has the technical expertise to accomplish your objectives.


VeeMost specializes in the infrastructure aspect of the data center. Our audit, design, implementation and operations data center services are a part of a coordinated effort that cuts across and integrates with the various expertise of the overall data center such as telecommunications, power, architectural, HVAC, etc.

 VeeMost Data Center Physical & Environmental Consulting Services

  • Optimizing air flow in the data center which can be analyzed via Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Consultation on recommended temperatures for both the cold and hot aisle
  • Consultation on power requirements

 Data Center Network Infrastructure Services

  • Integration into various vendor equipment in order to present a unified dashboard for energy usage of data center infrastructure equipment.
  • Audit and assessment of existing data center and related IT network equipment for efficiency, effectiveness, and comparison with best practices and standards.
  • Design & implementation of next-generation energy-efficient networks, applications, servers and Storage Area Networks, using technologies from vendors such as Cisco, Joulex, NetApp, VMWare, Microsoft, F5, and Citrix. Our services are guaranteed to improve application response times and reduce administration overhead.

Our engineers and consultants are certified in products from various data center and virtualization vendors such as

  • EMC VMWare
  • Cisco Systems
  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • Citrix
  • JouleX

VeeMost continues to seek partnerships and expertise in upcoming technology areas and vendors.

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Unified Computing System




Available through VeeMost, Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) is a set of pre-integrated data center components that comprise blade servers, rack servers, adapters, fabric interconnects, and extenders that are integrated under a common embedded management system. This approach results in far fewer system components and much better manageability, operational efficiencies, and flexibility than comparable data center platforms.

As a Cisco Unified Computing System Partner, VeeMost can assist your organization in upgrading your server systems to Cisco’s Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) today.


Unified Fabric

KM57998_150Are users complaining of slow network performance? 

Are your applications constantly crashing?

Do you have older Cisco equipment?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your older switches to the newer Cisco Nexus line of products. Cisco Catalyst switches, such as the Cisco 650x switches are almost end-of-life and therefore will soon be without support. Remember, these core switches are what your business depends on, therefore, their design and implementation should be properly planned and executed by experts. As a Cisco Advanced Unified Fabric Partner, we have the technical capability and experience to assist your organization in purchasing, installing and managing Unified Fabric Platforms.


Energy Savings

savemoneyEveryone is going green, so why not IT and the data center that drive it?

At VeeMost, we use a systematic approach that guarantees reduction in the amount of energy consumed by IT.

Reduce energy usage of the IT plug load (Layer 1):  Our solutions can enable IT plug load management which is the amount of energy pulled from electrical outlets in buildings and facilities.  Typically 30-40% of the total energy is consumed by IT, with the facility for lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems accounting for the remaining.

Energy Management Software and Dashboards: We implement industry leading energy management software and dashboards that can provide insights for identifying, measuring, analyzing, monitoring, controlling, and reporting on energy usage, trending, costs, and savings from a holistic energy management perspective.

The energy management software we implement reduces energy cost by analyzing, measuring, and controlling all network-connected devices and systems such as routers, switches, computers, servers, VOIP phones, printers, monitors, etc.

We can also generate reports of energy consumption, utilization, costs, savings, facility, data center, system, or location.